The Bad Carpenter and Walrus


The walrus and carpenter were walking on a large beach.They were sad because there were too much sand.They asked the oysters to join them.They walked for a mile.They took a rest and tricked the oysters.At last they eat them.

Carpenter:Do you want to join us??

Eldest oyster:No….


Eldest oyster:Because i just want to sleep.

Young oysters:We want to join them.

Eldest oyster:Ok then you can join them……

Carpenter:I am tired after walking for a mile.Lets have a rest.

Carpenter:Now we can have tricked them’lets eat them!


The Hidden Underground Treasure Chest


Many years ago,in the garden,there was hidden a treasure chest.I try to find it,but i couldn’t.This is my story:

“Many years ago,i found a treasure map.I try to look for the treasure in the garden.I have looked all around but i couldn’t found it there.And i saw a clue behind the map,it was stated there that it was hidden underground.So i dig the ground,but the soil was hard to dig by only me alone,so i decided to make an idea first to take the chest.”

The Grasslands Biome and Forest Biome


How did the climate in grasslands and forests vary?

The climate in grasslands and forests are different.The climate in grasslands is dry.But in Tropical grasslands,the weather are wetter and warm.In temperate grassland it have cold and wet season.While in the forest it depend to the kind of the forest.

What kind of plants are in grasslands and forests biome?

The tallest plant in grassland grew in tropical grasslands where it was wetter.The plants in temperate grasslands were much shorter than a grass.While the trees in the forests varies according to the type of forest and the trees are thick.

What kind of animals live in grasslands and forests biome?

The animal that live in grasslands are herbivores,carnivores and mostly insect.While in the forests there are large varieties of animals.And it was home to many animals.

What is purple??


Purple is a grape,

an orchid flower,

A dress,

And an origami paper,

The dark color,

It’s like a lavender.

It’s tasty!

It could be the cake frosting,

a high heel shoe,

even some books are purple,

It’s also a water color,

school bags,

and also the water bottle,

even a lunch box,

and a teacher’s cupboard.

I love purple so much!!

It’s Just A Joke


A girl woke up in the morning and directly went to the kitchen.In the kitchen she toast the bread in the toaster a leave it.She cook an egg,put it in the plate  and pour the milk into the glass.Now she is going to get the bread.When she took the bread,she cried “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………….”

*here is a question for you…….

1.Did you know why the girl cried “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………” ?

-just guess and answer….,the answer will be given in the next post


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